At the end of our time together, you will be a more seasoned and sought after

companion for all of your future partners.



I believe we are all simply human.  You are welcome in my space no matter what your gender variation or sexual orientation.



All surrogate partner sessions are offered in a lovely, clean, private, downtown Austin location with easy parking.  Address, and mobile number for texting last minute updates, provided upon scheduling.



I am excited to offer worldwide service … to anyone in the world who would like to travel to Austin, Texas, an energetic hot spot of our planet.  If you do not live in Austin, I invite you to travel to our vibrant city.  If you propose that I travel to you, feel free to make your proposal, knowing I am not often available to travel.


session times

All sessions are two hours, longer than many practitioners provide, so we are never rushed.  If you do not live near Austin, intensives (multiple sessions or multiple days in close proximity) are available by request.  Prices for intensives are based on the schedule that will best meet your needs.



Each two-hour surrogate partner session is $400.00 cash.  If you cancel a session less than 24 hours from the scheduled time, a deposit will be required before your next session.  The deposit will be credited to our uncoupling session, or forfeited if another session is cancelled with less than 24 hours notice.  


Is this an investment?  Yes.  This is an investment in an entirely new future for you!  I have not yet had a client indicate that they regret spending money on our time together.  In fact, when you compare the cost of surrogate partner therapy with the cost of a lifetime of pills, creams, psychiatrists, products, surgeries, all the various "quick-fix" remedies out there, and especially loneliness, or anxiety every time it's "sexy time" ... the price tag turns out to be quite reasonable.


length of the process

How long does the process take?  How many sessions are optimal?  This is totally up to you.  Your dedication, your effort, and the level of your commitment to yourself will determine how quickly you experience the change you want to see.  I give you homework to do between our sessions.  Those who do the homework, and make regularly-scheduled sessions part of their schedule for a while, tend to complete the program more quickly.


next step if you have a therapist

Please have your talk therapist contact me to discuss your situation.  You will need to provide your talk therapist with a release to allow them to share information with me.


next step if you do not have a therapist

You MUST be referred by your talk therapist.  If you do not have a therapist but you believe the surrogate partner modality is right for you, you can locate a therapist, preferably a sex therapist, on your own, or you can contact me for a referral.


Any other questions?

Great, just ask me and I'll email you back with my best answer.


I look forward to meeting you soon!