Welcome to The Juicy Truth

The Juicy Truth is that you are a vibrant, sexy, exciting, juicy delicious morsel!  Your authentic self is delightful, joyful, serious, honest, real, soft, hard, playful and ... arousing.

Your Juicy Truth is a stream of yumminess - which you can access through facebook, twitter, instagram, tumblr, RSS, blog or email.

In addition to the Your Juicy Truth, my gifts to you include: 

    FREE podcasts about how sexual energy relates to our evolution!
    Practically FREE sacred sexuality meetups in the heart of Austin, Texas!

Oh and I also provide 1-on-1 sessions if you're ready to dive deep into your own juicy potential.

Get on the bus ... pay your fare and tell the driver that you're going to a Juicy Truth affair!

(Yes baby ... Frankie Smith Double Dutch Bus)